ده ( فیسبوک د مسنجر ) پټ( 5) رازونه چی هر چاته ندي معلوم

Complete with unlimited text, audio, video and group video calls, stay tuned whenever you want with our free * all internet communication app. Easily sync your messages and contacts to your Android phone and call anywhere.

Messaging through apps and calls
Connect with your friends on Instagram directly from Messenger. Simply search for a message or enter a name or username.

The state of twisting
Send messages that are only for a while. Choose to use a hidden state because the messages you see disappear after you leave the chat.

Security features
The new privacy settings allow you to choose who will deliver your message to you and where your message will be delivered.

Custom notes
Missing points? You can organize your responses to select and add other emojis, including Rick

Topics of conversation
Choose from fun topics and colors like color or love to make the conversation more special.

Look together
If you can’t stay with, you can video chat via messenger and watch videos, TVs and movies with your friends in the room. Capture every moment and answer in real time.

Group rooms together
Send a link to a group video chat with someone even if you don’t have a messaging app. Hosting schedule for up to 50 people

Call for free video to keep in touch
Protect your friends and family with unlimited live video chat. Host group video calls with more than 8 people interactive video with high quality audio, HD video, and face filters.

Free * Unlimited text and phone calls
Avoid exchanging phone numbers and just send a message even if your Facebook friends are from all over the world. Enjoy high quality voice and text messaging on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Close in the dark
Dedicate your eyes a bit with the stylish new look to darken the colors of the chat interface.

* Record and send audio and video messages
When the text is not cut, just register and then type in the location. Sing, sing, show or throw out loud *

Express yourself with stickers, gifs, and emojis
Use personalized stickers to show your creative side. You can also add effects and filters to the video

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