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These days everyone likes videos more than photos and we have come up with this amazing app that allows you to turn your photos into videos.

Lyrical Photo Status

It is a video editing app with hundreds of video templates where you can browse your favorite video songs and create videos with your photos.

These are the features of this app.
Search for music videos based on your mood
Download your favorite music video.
. Add your photos.
All done! The video status of your song will be ready in a minute.
Use the Quick Share button to easily share these videos in these media apps.

The video categories are:
Gatorade photo status, birthday photo status, birth photo status, guest photo status, general photo status, love photo status, laugh photo status, romantic photo status, particle photo status.

Watch this video

Install the app now and make your first song video right now.

Auto-Reply for whats

WhatsApp Auto Reply enables you to manually reply to WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp Auto Reply will enable you to configure custom messages to reply to your WhatsApp messages.

Naturally, WhatsApp specifically responds to receiving messages with the help of this app. You have several settings to suit your needs. Just shoot it!

Is it true that you are no longer by your phone, but you need to respond to street messages? WhatsApp Auto Responder provides this functionality for you. This will eventually reflect pre-defined messages, which have some points or equal to the letter.




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