3 Best photo editor apps for 2022

3 best photo editor apps for 2022

Wants a perfect picture that helps to enhance your look, want to get traffic on the social media pages, has to ever feel your competitors have the best pictures as compared to you, wants popularity on the social media accounts. Do you ever feel that you have to hire a professional photo editor that helps you to complete the task or edit your picture and videos?

Are you a professional blogger who has to invest most of your income has been wasted on the editing purpose? so you wants to get rid from that expense? And do you want to increase the social media follower the simple medium is that share picture and video that are that set trends?

Mostly users want to set the trend and simple for the profile picture we are select the best one picture that makes the center of attention for the followers. Content creators need software or app that helps them to making templates and offers tools for editing that includes collage makes, improve graphic, helps to extract sound and voice recording and the direct voice recording, gives zoom in and zoom out option, gives the option for blur background or change background.

There is the major issue is that many of us do not need only the editor who having only picture editing option we also demand to get the app or a software that gives the option for video editing as well. It makes the user uncomfortable to make account for video edit purpose that few minute after needs a picture editor.

Installing apps again and again create mess in the device. It seems weird to download pictures editor and video editor differently or this will affect the battery and the progress of the mobile, and most important affects the storage of the device. Hence the need of that software and application that gives both facilities simultaneously.

By considering these problems many software is launched in the market that helps to deal these problems. Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackbird, DaVinci Resolve, Edius, Final Cut Pro, Light works, Magix Movie Edit Pr and many more.

There are many incredible apps are also available in the market which includes Picsart Photo & Video Editor, Light room by Photo Editor, Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art, Collage Maker | Photo Editor, Pixlr – Free Photo Editor, Video Editor – Video Effects, pic lab, editor studio.

No doubt these apps are incredibly best now we are going to discuss about the top three apps for photo editing. These apps are given below

  • Picsart Photo & Video Editor
  • Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
  • Photo Director – Photo Editor


How to get these incredible apps in your device?

It is the simple procedure through which you can install these incredible apps (Picsart Photo & Video Editor, Pixlr – Free Photo Editor, and Photo Director – Photo Editor) on your device. The first and the simple step is that visit to the google play and apple play stores. Then search the app by mentioning the producers then install this app on your smart device.

Then makes an account by sharing your basic details that details include which kind of call makes you uncomfortable, your name, email account, and number. And for security connect this app with your Google account. After that connection, these apps gives complete access to the to the media gallery.

Picsart Photo & Video Editor


If you are discussing about the best photo editor and video maker, then the name of Picsart Photo & Video Editor by pic art, Inc. is on the top. On the google play store its users about 13,542,654. That huge number. it is rated 4.5 on the play store. Its offers photo editing and video editing along. It offers editing tools, video tool, extraction of video from the large clip. Makes the to zoom in and zone out option, which this app it offers video and picture editing tools.

Limitation in Picsart Photo & Video Editor are given below

  • Slow down the device.
  • Affects the efficiency of the device

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor


It’s a send commonly used app that offers incredible feature for complete editing, Pixlr – Free Photo Editor, it gives the PHOTO EFFECTS & FILTERS, STICKER MAKER + FREE STICKERS, the most amazing thing about this app it helps to making templates.

Limitations of Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

  • Drain of battery
  • Slow down the

Photo Director – Photo Editor


this last but not least Photo Director – Photo Editor app offers offers incredible filter, stickers and most important Its offers photo editing and video editing along. It offers editing tools, video tool, extraction of video from the large clip.

Limitations in the Photo Director – Photo Editor are given below

  • this app is difficult to operate
  • show some complexity in video and photo editing

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