3 Useful Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

best 3 Useful Apps for mobile That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

What are the best apps for your mobile?

We all love apps, don’t we?

You can’t deny it, they make our lives so much easier, but we also use them as a tool to control what we’re doing.

So you don’t need to spend your entire Sunday on your phone, because you need to find the perfect tools that make your life easier.

There are tons of apps available for any smartphone you own, but some of them are so useful that we have to share them with you.

If you’re on a low budget, these apps are totally worth it!

Because these apps will surely make your life so much easier.

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1. Pocket

Do you hate losing your things?

It’s happened to all of us.

3 Useful Apps You Should Get

1. Plaxo

Plaxo is the desktop version of the now-popular smartphone app. Unlike some apps, this one allows you to access your calendar from all your devices. With it, you can log into your email and personal Facebook accounts and sync your events and reminders between multiple devices.

The only downside with Plaxo is the fact that you have to sign in with your Facebook login in order to sync your events and reminders. You may want to keep that one in mind if you need to meet your parents as soon as they step into the office for their first day, or you’re looking for a means to let them know that you’re driving around in your Carpool Karaoke Mixtape and can’t be disturbed.

Or, you know, you can simply opt not to use the Facebook login at all. Just pick the standard option.

Why These Apps Are Important

These apps are very useful in addition to your phone or mobile device.

Make-It-Riin – http://www.make-it-rin.com/ Make-It-Rin is a professional mobile app for android or iPhone users that helps you to plan your projects with different stages from DIY to completion. The user-friendly app shows you a perspective of time to completion. The resulting project will be in a zoomed view and a color-coded diagram. Therefore, you will know every step along the way and everything you will need to do. You can also contact them via phone, chat and video conference.

Cortana – http://mydesk.ms/search/cortana.aspx Cortana is Microsoft’s solution to your mobile, Iphone or android and also the main voice assistant. Cortana for Android does the same thing as Apple’s Siri. They can also make you laugh.


Talking about apps for personal digital assistants is not a new idea. People are all about getting stuff done fast and conveniently. The problem is finding a plethora of useful apps in the form of this category. When it comes to creating and designing apps, companies generally do not even consider checking the functionality of the applications or the functions they provide. Sometimes, their focus is only on the amount of money a product can make and no focus is put on its usability or its level of effort.

The same goes for third party developers. Apps written by third party developers are often ugly or poorly designed or designed by someone who is not really versed with the features of the tools used to create apps.


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