All mobile secret codes : Network USSD codes

You can now find out the secret of your mobile phone that you have in your pocket. All mobile secret codes 2020: USS network code app. This app includes passwords for all the latest brands of phones. With these passwords, you can discover hidden features of your Android phone.

All secret codes for mobile 2020: USS code for the network includes Samsung, Phone, Sony, Lenovo, LG, Ericsson, Qomobile, Motorola, Blackberry, China Mobile, HTC, Acer, Oppo, Xiaomi, Xiaomi, General, Nokia and Microsoft / gadgets included. Windows and WiFi

With these secret codes, you can check network, bluetooth GPS, wireless network test, factory test, firmware information, phone IMEI number, go into ultra mode, get service menu, lock your device, check for new updates, and do Organize yourself. Device, go to engineering mode, get software information, recover lost samples if lost, GPS, hardware information, RGB photographer test, device information and much more.

You can type the code manually or you have the option to copy the code by clicking the ‘Copy’ button. If you find a code very useful and want to share it with someone, the app allows you to share the code with a simple click.

The password for all mobile phones includes:
Bluetooth password

– Reset the device icon
Checking the engineering condition
– Phone information
Check GPS
– Touch test
Check program information
– Check hardware info
– Battery information
– The scan device is correct or a copy
– Rearrange
– SIM lock
– Check battery time
– Good machine info
Phone screen icons are locked / unlocked
Check the firmware version information
– Factory test, PDA
– Unlock manual phone icon
– Rearrange devices
– Forgot your password
– Show IMEI number
Super personalities
Password for each activity
– Service menu
WLAN test
Usage statistics
Open the device’s technical code
Recover forgotten samples
– Open the wire
– WiFi info code
– Battery date code

Some secret codes may not work on some devices, as their developers do not allow them.

In addition, All Mobile Hidden Codes 2020: Network USSD Codes app provides useful USSD codes / numbers for various cellular networks.

If you want to know how to check internet balance or mobile phone balance? How do I check the remaining free phone minutes? How to check SMS balance? Check the correct number? How can you share your balance with your family? How to get free package in Pakistan and reinstall all mobile phone passcodes 2020: USSD codes app for network.

This app allows you to search for specific symbols through network search queries. You no longer need to remember the code. Just install this app and everything will be in your hands.

Networks are included in the USS code
Way to help
Check balance
Get a pre-balance
Make suggestions
Check the number of corrections
MSS Balance Check
Card fee
-3G and 4G internet balance
We offer free internet service
Disable international packages and subscriptions
Check GPRS data balance
Transfer credit from one phone to another
View the night plan

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