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In the rapid development of android applications, it is mandatory to secure your data from the malicious access of hackers or theft of data. Applock pro is one of the lightweight and advanced application lockers with high-security measures.

Now you do not need to worry about your mobile data you can protect it with Applock Pro. App Lock is an Android Application to lock your apps on your Android devices to protect you from privacy theft or data breach. It is your great privacy guard and app lock. It is specifically designed for Android and Samsung users to carry their personal and important data in their mobile without any fear of loss or leak. The best feature of this application is that it has dual security functions. You can lock your application either with your fingerprints or with a password lock.

Best mobile app for android 2021.

Best features of Applock Pro:
• Now it is easy to lock your mobile applications with Applock Pro to save your private content from others.

Now you can lock the mobile image gallery that contains your and your canrequestfamily photographs and videos.

You can lock your private SMS and MMS as well as call logs with contacts so no one can access your contacts.

Now it is easy to protect your social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp Twitter Snapchat, TikTok, and Snakvideo from unnecessary creeps.

Even you can lock your wifi and Bluetooth toggle of your phone

• Applock Pro is not limited to hide some specific applications now you can lock your mobile phone’s system settings, keep your phone protected from kids by installing unnecessary apps or uninstalling necessary apps to create some mess.

• It can also lock the in-app purchase from the play store to download expensive games or to save your kids from games addiction.

• One of the strongest features is that it can disguise your lock screen to save you from breaching passwords.

How many types of lock patterns are used in Applock pro?

There are multiple lock types in free Applock pro, such as:
1. Pattern Lock,
2. PIN lock
3. Finger pattern lock
4. Password Lock.
It is very interesting to know that Applock Pro can save your home screen privacy with just a single click. Now use a fingerprint or a password to toggle between the home screen widget and other applications.


Specs of Applock Pro:
Light in weight:
• It is light in weight so it is downloaded speedily and occupied very smaller space on your phone.
Customized app lock:

• It offers you to customize your lock screen style and background style.
Intelligent app lock:

• It is a very intelligent app lock that has the ability to suggest you lock some specific applications smartly. To maintain privacy was not much easier as much app lock pro made it.
Attractive Graphical user interface:

• Its graphical user interface is so attractive and easy to control even with a common user.
Quick in response:

• Applock pro is quick in response as it did not show any delay and auto-start after the phone restart or reboot itself to leave no space for hackers or unauthorized access.
Prevent screenshots:

• Applock pro for Android has recently added a new feature to save your history from any unauthorized access and prevent app screenshots from being leaked.
Strong Encryption:

• Hide and encrypt pictures and videos with Gallery Vault it also launches a locked app within Applock without a password.

Break-in Alerts:
• Take a photo when someone tries to enter your locked app with an invalid password
Delay Lock.
• Once you unlock any app, no password is required within a delay time. It saves you from any inconvenience.


How to use app lock pro?
It is very simple to use even illegible can easily protect their mobile apps with app lock pro free version. Follow the simple and easy steps to use the app lock pro free version for Android.
• Open the Applock file and go to the “System Lock” page, then enable “Set as Device Admin”. With this feature on, a password is required to uninstall or force stop Smart Applock, your privacy is safer now.
• If you do not have “Set as Device Admin” enabled, you can uninstall Applock like any other app locks application.
• Be careful that if you enabled “Set as Device Admin”, please disable it first, then uninstall it normally.






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