Auto RDM – Recover deleted messages Apk

Do you feel frustrated when your friends delete messages before they see them? Do you want to recover deleted messages?

You just found the solution: Auto RDM! Delete messages immediately!

AutoRDM is a useful application that will help you recover deleted messages by clearing your notifications. With this app, you can delete not only text messages but also any media attachments (photos, videos, voice memos, audio, gifs, stickers).

Never lose anything in your favorite messaging apps. Delete text messages and restore media files with AutoRDM.

Auto RDM – Recover deleted messages Apk

Recover Deleted Messages
AutoRDM is an ideal application for retrieving deleted messages by checking your device’s notifications. Getting deleted messages is never easy!

Retrieve media files
Get all kinds of media attachments like photos, videos, audio memos, audio, gifs and stickers. AutoRDM is a universal tool, not limited to retrieving deleted messages.

State Saver
You can use the Status Saver B feature (both photos and videos) and post / share it with your friends.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages
Receive instant WhatsApp messages! You’ll be able to retrieve WhatsApp photos and text messages easily and quickly.

Live speech
Send direct messages to any number in the WhatsApp, even if it’s not saved in your contact list.

A tool to retrieve deleted messages in the dark
Keep your eyes peeled from burning 🙂 Enjoy our dark state and enjoy instantly deleted messages.

How it works?
The app cannot access the messages directly because they are stored in an encrypted box. Therefore, AutoRDM reads notification messages to create backups. When you delete a message and a backup copy of the same message becomes available, the application notifies you of the contents of the deleted message. The easiest way to delete messages!

Retrieve media files
AutoRDM saves every message that is attached to the message. Would you like to retrieve WhatsApp photos? Recovering media files is easy with just a few clicks.
AutoRDM can retrieve photos, videos, gifts, audio, voice memos, documents and stickers if the sender deletes them. Delete it now! Exclusive app for recovering deleted messages and retrieving media files!


Auto RDM will not work in the following cases
If you mute the chat
If you check now.
– If you turn off notifications on your device.
If messages were deleted before the application was installed

Ask and answer
How to recover deleted messages?
+ Easy, use the tool to recover deleted messages! ☑

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