Best Mobile Camera App 2022

Crammers slowly but surely became an important part of our life as the technology progressed, there is absolutely no one who wouldn’t want their picture to be clicked nice and with better quality so that they could post them online share them with their families and have good memories stored in the pictures.

world started to take the turn and technologies started to fit in the pocket, cameras changed as well from a jumbo sized not easy to take with you to a 5 cm ball that you can put in your pocket and can use it whenever you want.

  • Snapchat
  • BeautyPlus-snap retouch Filter
  • Sweet selfie: camera & editor
  • B612 Camera&photo & video Editor
  • HD Camera for Android


Almost no one in the world is present who hasn’t heard about the app called snapchat, with 1 Billion downloads on play store alone snapchat is one of the world’s most famous and fast growing application to take pictures and record videos. Snapchat provides the users with easy to use method and numerous lens/filters that can used by the individual to express themselves.


Following are the features that snapchat has

  • Snaps: use this option to tab to take pictures and tab hold to take a video.
  • Chat: you can send the taken picture to your friends account, that picture/video will disappear after viewing. They can save it, if your friends send you snap back in 12 hours it creates a chain called streaks.


  • Audience is limited.
  • 1% market uses it for sales.
  • Stories are there for 24h if you are a sales company you’ll have to post every day.

BeautyPlus-snap retouch Filter:

BeautyPlus- snap, this application has over 100 Million downloads on the playstore and provides easy way to take natural pictures, there is a specific feature of this app that allows you to take pictures with Auto-Beautification Tool. Through this tool there almost no need to edit more as it adjust the setting of the camera to preferred view you are looking at.

Following are some of the features of the app.

  • 30+ easy to use tools
  • Auto-Beautification tool
  • Beauty touchup; smooth’s the skin.
  • HD Retouch
  • Photo editor
  • You can remove backgrounds of pictures
  • Effect galore.


  • Although the app is free some of the features are considered premium and are only available with a subscription. Some are costly ranging from, 110 Rs to 8400 Rs.
  • Hanging bugs are common.
  • Often the picture quality gets low on editing.
  • Lots of ads.

Sweet selfie: camera & editor:

Another similar application called sweet selfie, with almost similar features are available, this app also has over 100 Million downloads on playstore and almost similar functions to take photos and edit them.


  • Beauty selfie camera with effects.
  • Thousands of stickers and aesthetic filters
  • Face tune, change tone for face and remove blackheads.
  • Body retouch


  • In app purchases cost a lot.
  • Most of the options are not free and are to be utilized after subscription.

B612 Camera&photo & video Editor:

This app is all in one free to download application that allows you to take picture edit them and on the other hand allows you to shoot videos and edit them as well. This application is famous for its filters as it provides numerous options and filters that are specific to the situation, like specifies filters to take pictures of animals such as cats and dogs.


  • Create your own filters.
  • Smart camera, captures everything.
  • All in one editing pro tools, for professional and basic users.
  • Thousands of strikers.


  • This application does not support import from camera roll option.

HD Camera for Android:

This app is available on the playstore with 50 Million downloads, this application is no different from the built-in cameras app that you get with your phone, if you are not satisfied with option provided in the camera that you have gotten with the phone you can download this free app from the play store.


  • 3 mode camera, pictures, videos and panorama mode.
  • Zoom in options.
  • Wide screen pictures
  • Photo crop and edit
  • Picture quality setting
  • Dynamic user interface
  • Photo collage
  • Countdown timer


This application requires special options and access permissions, if you are a person of privacy issues this application is not for you.


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