Best mobile CamFind App

Exploring the physical world

Campfinder, the world’s first successful mobile visual search engine, lets you search everything on your mobile device by simply taking a picture.

More than 3 million users love Campfinder!

* Internet search results
* Related / Similar photos and videos
* Compare prices and buy online
* Ask questions and get answers about everything
* Local search results including Uber and lift adjustments
* Social profiles and sharing
* Visual notes
* Instant sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text

Additional activities
* Ability to upload and save pictures from or to the camera roll
* QR and barcode scanner
* Language translator
* Voice search
* Text search
* Word consistency
* And more

Download Campfinder to get a mobile search experience like never before.

Can be seen
* Time
* Forbes
* Tech Crunch
* Venture bit
* USA Today
* Inc.
* Life hacker
* Mac Cult
* And many more;

About the organization
CloudSite, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based technology company that specializes in visual acuity and knowledge. CloudSite provides a great and sophisticated image recognition solution to people and companies around the world.



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