Best mobile screen recorder for android

We often need the screen recording, this is the process that is used to capture your mobile screen in a video mode. Screen recording or video recording is a free application used for recording the mobile screen in video format, capturing video with or without sound.

The difference between the screen recording and screenshot is that screenshot has the picture layout while the screen recording has the layout of a video. This captures the different content, organizational, educational, etc. The benefit of screen recording is that you can record your mobile screen.

Many times you have seen that some videos did not download option, so this application will help you to record the video. Now mobile companies have added this extra feature to mobile software, you can easily record in a single click. This will not record without your permission, records when you want or when you tap to record.

This also supports the screen sound, background sound, and both at a time. You can enable and disable both at the same time. Screen recording is helpful to record tutorials. Screen recording applications are safe and never harm your device or not collect any information.

Importance of screen recording:

  • This will helps you to save anything on your screen.
  • Many times you have seen that some videos have not available in the download option you can easily save this video with their original sound quality.
  • Screen recording is useful for making teaching videos to guide someone and also making tutorial videos for people to guide others.
  • This will allow you to simultaneously record audio and video at the same time.
  • This makes life easier.
  • Also has a pointer to guide or scroll through the video.
  • Record the important video calls.
  • High quality of video and sound.
  • This will have the ability to save any type of content.
  • It is easy to explain the problems and solutions.
  • Ability to create a wide range of content.
  • Technical assistance in recording bugs and issues.
  • Save the video quality according to your mobile storage.

Best Free mobile screen recorderAZ screen recorder

  1. Super screen recorder
  2. Mobizen screen recorder.
  3. ADV screen recorder
  4. DU recorder
  5. AZ screen recorder

AZ recorder

AZ recorder is a high-quality video recorder for android that helps to record smooth and clear screen video. It has the feature of screen capturing, video editing, live streaming, a pointer to scroll the video, record the video calls, make video tutorials, games recordings, and live show recordings. This application will give you high-quality video and have no limit on the recording.

Key features of the AZ screen recorder application:

Screen recording: You can record your mobile screen with high-quality video streaming, this will support the internal sound and background sound if you want to record, games, internal audio, and tutorial videos. It has an extra feature to shake the device to stop recording the video, and control the screen recording through the screen floating window.

Video editor: This application gives you the editing feature after recording, converting videos into GIFs, Trimming the video, crop video, Extracting images from the video, rotating the video, compressing, subtitling, editing audio, and adding music to the background of the video.

Livestream: You can stream videos to your FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, and other apps,

Screenshot and image editing: Through this application, you can capture pictures, and also edit them, Blur the image, crop the image, add text to the pictures, and stitch the image.

Super screen recorder:

This application is one of the best professional screen recording applications. This application also provides the features of screen recording, screenshots, videos, and pictures editing. It has no time limit, no watermark, and a high-quality video recording. This application has a simple and easy format and is easy to use. This will not affect your device, no copyright issue was found.

Mobizen screen recording app:

200 million users use this g; global application, this application get an award in 2019. The recorded videos will not save on the server, they will be saved on your device, it has also editing features. you can easily manage this from the notification app this will show you the notification you will start, stop, and pause the video from the notification, no need to open the app again and again.

ADV Screen Recorder:

This application is one of the best video recording applications. AVD recording allows you to record the video with 2 engines, one is advanced and the other one is the default. This application provides you the multiple features, use the front and back camera while recording, draw your favorite color, set your text, set your banner, and this will have the editing features.

DU screen recorder:

DU screen recorder helps you to capture clear screen video, and also take a screenshot most easily. This application has a very easy and simple format and is easy to use, manage this application through the notification bar. Now you can never miss your live shows, simply record and watch them in your free time. This will have the editing features, trim the video, add background music, and have no recording limit.


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