Boosted Ad Maker By Lightricks

Boosted Ad Maker By Lightricks


People do business and they promote it through media. Some people have small businesses and they do not afford to promote their businesses. It is the era of technology and promotes your business with this app. It is free and you do not need to pay anyone and is the biggest platform. You can promote your business through any social media account. It will reach millions of people. you will be famous in the world. We will tell you about such an app where you can make your video of promotion for free and edit it and share it on social media and it will reach millions of people.

People will contact you because of this promotion. It became easier and more affordable. People know how to promote business and they target those people who search for their business. They will find you easily and ask for things. We have searched a lot for such an app and we find this one and it will help us to promote our business. We have been through so many apps but we select this app on the basis of its feature. It is recommended to you. Viewers must install it and see its feature.


Boosted ad maker by lightricks is the app that helps you to promote your business. It is now possible now to make ads for free. You have to install this app and it has many templates. this app can promote your business and it will provide many things to make videos about your business it will provide you with all the tools and make it easier for you.

You can make it as an art and people will see and share your brand and it will reach millions of people for free. If someone needs things from you he will contact you and will sell things to them. You must know knowledge of social media and use this app. so you will be able to reach more people with this app. its tools will make it easy for you as it has amazing tools and you will be able to make very interesting videos with this app and it has beautiful templates.

  • This has 4.5 stars.
  • App has 86k reviews.
  • This is downloaded by 5 million people.
  • It is a kind of editor where you can make videos for your business.

This app is easily available in play store. It can be downloaded from the link.



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