How to use the new button mapper app

You often change your mobile phone by changing the interval of time. Every mobile phone will have a different button mapping system. When you instantly shift to the other phone, then you find the difficulty to find the buttons, But now you do not need to worry about that, install the button mapper application from the Google play store. Remap your phone by using the button mapper application.

Button mapper is like the remapped, you can adjust your phone buttons as you want or replace buttons with each other. you can interpret the hardware buttons, instead of the power button on your mobile screen. If your phone will not have physical buttons then you can replace it easily, either if it has physical buttons it will have two benefits, one is a look screen peek and the other one is a home screen lock. This amazing feature will allow you that you click on the home screen button, while you are on the lock screen. This application will not work when the mobile screen is off

Remap your physical and capacitive keys and buttons, like volume, capacitive button includes back button recent apps and also the home screen button. By using this application you can remap the remote and some other peripheral devices.

Imagine how you feel, when something is in your control set it as you want. You will feel like a pro. Enjoy the best features of the app. You have not to need to worry about this application. This application will never disturb your privacy, has a simple format, and is an easy-to-use application. This application is lightweight, never harms your device’s internal storage, and never drains the battery power.

How to use the button mapper application:

Button mapper will have an easy and simple format to use, here are the following to set up the app:

⦁ Install the application “Button mapper” from the Google play store.

⦁ Open the app.

⦁ Click on the allow to give access to the app.

⦁ Launch the app and go to the setting.

⦁ Go to the accessibility, and click on the accessibility.

⦁ Scroll it and find the button mapper, click on the button mapper.

⦁ You will see the sliding icon, turn on the sliding option.

⦁ Set up the app and enjoy the app.

Features of Button mapper:

⦁ Simulate keycodes, which require the ADB commands or root.

⦁ Swap the volume key.

⦁ Provides you with the feature of pocket detection.

⦁ Different themes for the home screen and lock screen.

⦁ You exchange both back and recent buttons.

⦁ By the long pressing on the button, start vibrating.

⦁ The troubleshooting button, this option is shown in the app, depends on that available button because every phone will have back, home, and recent buttons. Troubleshooting is the soft key or the navigation bar.

⦁ the app contains some additional options, you can change the duration of the long press and the double press. Go pro and add up the many more other customization.

⦁ It supports the buttons, physical home screen button, recent apps or the menu button, volume button, and up and down the volume. Add another customize button like mute, active, etc.

⦁ Accessibility service, detect when the physical and capacitive button is pressed on your device, it gives commands that work as you remapped it.

⦁ Go pro and enjoy the many more features of the app.


This application was offered by Flar2 and released on Oct 22, 2016. This application needs some permissions that may request access to the mobile.

⦁ Here are the permissions that request access to the mobile.

⦁ This application requests access to the camera to take pictures and record the videos.

⦁ Access to the phone, to directly call the phone number.

⦁ Access to the storage to read and modify the deleted content of the SD card.

⦁ View network connections.

⦁ Use hardwere fingerprint.

⦁ Do not disturb.

⦁ Full network access.

⦁ Change the network connectivity.

⦁ Pair with Bluetooth devices.

⦁ Control vibrations

⦁ View WLAN connections.

⦁ Change the audio settings.

⦁ Records the running apps.

⦁ Google Play billing service.

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