Camera Blocker New Best Apk Download

Camera Blocker is a camera privacy tool. Camera Blocker will disable and block your phone’s camera and protect you from improper or unauthorized or unauthorized access to the camera.

Camera Blocker will block camera access to all applications and the entire Android system (no root required).

Camera Blocker New Best Apk Download

Protecting privacy is crucial for everyone. On Android, there are many apps that use the camera’s permission and you can take a photo or record a video at any time without your knowledge and you go to the web. Camera Blocker will protect your privacy by blocking access to the phone’s camera.

The best part about this app is that the app itself doesn’t require camera permission. So your phone’s camera is 100 protected, even this app can’t access the phone’s camera.

This application uses the permission of the device manager. In Device Manager, the “passive camera” of the security system is used to secure the phone camera.

Free for free users
The free version of the app has no camera block protection restrictions, so a free user will get 24/7 full camera protection.

Camera Blocker B Features e

Full 24/7 full camera protection from unauthorized or unauthorized camera access.

Block the camera and hold it with one click of the widget or notification. (Professional features)

Automatic camera block at fixed time intervals.

Application Launcher for temporary access to specific camera applications. (Professional features)

Applications View a list of applications that use camera permissions.

Camera Check the status of the application allowed by the camera and the level of potential risk.

Get camera alerts when installing a new app with camera permissions

✔ Front and rear camera support

No original requirement.

The battery does not have battery current.

✔ Quick and easy to use

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