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Note: This version is not compatible with all 11 Android devices. If you have an Android 11 device, it is recommended to download “Camera Equipped for Android” here:

Camera Equipped is a camera blocker used to disable all cameras on your mobile device, providing complete protection against:
ies spy, stellar and various malware
Take photos / videos in photo safe places.

Key Features b
Permanent camera access to specific authorized apps
Block the camera during the day
Password protection
Multilingual support
Classified classifications for maximum protection of secret workplaces
Automatic Camera Block by Time / Location (Pro)
One click tool for Camera Block / Removal (Pro)
Tasker Integration / Automation (Pro)

Product Features
Use the camera without any information. It is very easy to spy, beat or harm.
Cameraless is a complete spy camera jammer app.
There are two main tasks:
1. Manually enable / disable the camera.
2. Enable / disable automatic camera according to time of day or location.

The camera is also useful for those who work in a safe environment. Only once – find your workspace and let the camera lever manually block your camera while you work. You can keep your settings password safe so that the application is always running and your device is permanently safe while working. Additionally, private alerts allow you to check the status of your device’s camera.

Please note: When an application is encrypted, the level of security is within its limits.

Despite the camera blocker and one-click shortcuts, don’t lose the probe’s features even if it’s off.

Features list
24/7 espionage protection
3 modes (manual camera lock by blocking time and location)
Whitelist – Permanent camera access to specific authorized applications
Password protection
Multilingual support
Tasker / Lelma / Automatic Plugin
Battery high battery saving
Quick quick install function
Positioning capabilities: automatic positioning, dynamic notifications, automatic sleep from the screen, then auto start
Camera widget control
Shortcut for quick camera activation

How to use it
Manually enable / disable the camera from the home screen depending on the time of day or location.
White list:
Select “Whitelist” from the list.
A list including all installed applications will appear. Select the app you want to allow the camera to use, even if it’s off.
Go back to the home screen and you’ll see that for every app you choose, a special launcher image has been added that gives the camera access to the app at any time, even when blocked.
After closing the application, the camera will be locked automatically or according to the “delay time” settings you specified in the configuration screen.
Disability by location:
Enter the central location of the target area (latitude, longitude) where your phone should be inactive.
. If you are standing in the middle of the target area, you can click the “Set Current Location” button and the location will be updated accordingly.
Insert the radio (meter) where the camera inside will be disabled (about central location).
That’s it – when you’re in the target area, and vice versa, your phone is without a camera.

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