Can you record a WhatsApp call?

WhatsApp call recorder

Nothing is impossible now. You can whatever you want as the world is so advanced. The thing of which you cannot is now possible. You have heard of call recording but WhatsApp call recording was not possible. But we will tell you the way by which you can record WhatsApp call too. You don’t need to go anywhere. Open play store and download call recorder. There are many app but every recorder have different feature. Feature are mention below.

  1. Nice Quality Voice
  2. Clear Voice Recording
  3. Records other call too
  4. Store recording in mobile

You all need to download the recorder from play store and that will make your work easier and smart phone is a multitasking phone. To record your WhatsApp call you need hide WhatsApp and open the call recorder and start the WhatsApp call recording.

There is other way too to record a voice. For that you need a second device to record the call. This is only done when you don’t have smartphone.

  • The best feature of call recording is when it recorded the call automatically
  • You have to select the number so then whenever you call them the call w
  • You can save call recorder automatically for every call too in the setting
  • ill be recorded automatically
  • It will save your record in the phone for ever

The call recorder app may have different premium version too. That will provide you more option which will help you in the future. If you lost your phone the recorder provide you a store where you can store call recording and that can be open in other phone too. You can use these recorder in tablets and laptop too to record your conversation on WhatsApp, skype and other app too. So if you don’t get it from here you can see video too where it will be shown practically to you how it work.

  1. First Step

You need a play store. Click on paly store and open it

  1. Second Step

Click on search bar and type there call recorder and install it in your phone

  1. Third Step

Now you need to open your call recorder and allow the app and give permission. Now all is set you need to enjoy your call recording.

Now it is all set you need record the call you want. It will make your work easier and type of remembrance what you say to other and what they said to you. Now your conversation will be always there in your phone whenever you want you can heard those call which are recorded.



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