Carrom Pool : Board Game

Carrom Pool : Board Game

There are games which you have to play in your spare time. People are confused which game to download or which to not. We are here and will tell which game to download and which is not. There are games that will make your spare time entertain. There are many games and we will tell one of them in this article and we will be telling about other as well in other articles. You might have seen games and that might take a lot of space.

We will be introducing a new game and that will take a little space and that will entertain you and make your spare time entertaining. Our team have done a lot of research to find the best app. there were many games but we will tell you about this game and we have more games and you have to be connected with us to have those games. We always research on your question and find the app that you ask us to find and today we have a game that will entertain you and you will like it.

This is the game when you were child and playing it in school and home. Carrom pool is the game that will get you back to your childhood memories. There are multiplayer options where you have to play with other player. It is very easy to play. You can hit your pieces and let them bring to a hole and win the game. If your opponent did the same they will win the match. it is simple and you will find a great opponent around the world and you have to play against them and that will be something new. There are items which you have to unlock and people will see that you are great player as you have more item.

You can play as multiplayers. It is carom and disc pool. You can play it with your friends. You might face the best player of carom and you have to compete them. it will feel you as you are playing a real game. As you win you will get rewards. You can play it offline to polish your play.

  • It has 4.3 stars.
  • It has 4 million reviews.
  • 100 million people downloaded this game.
  • This is a very simple game.
  • This game is easily available in play store. You can download it form the link.


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