Al-Shafie App

Being Muslims, we want to follow the Holy path, but it’s a hard task to manage time due to the busy routine. Mostly we forget to offer prayers and often weeks are passes without reading the Holy book. Mostly forgot to peace be upon the Messenger of God HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH. If we want to

Anti-Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware App

Wants some privacy, and someone spying on you, have a lot of competitors that want to bully you if you have a complex social network and feel unsure. Another you possess sensitive that do not want to share with anyone. Apart from this bitter reality, you should have to take some precautions that make you

logo maker | Best Logo Maker in 2022

LOGO stands for “language of graphics-oriented” that is used to recognize the public identity of the brand company and any institute. Every company every brand have its logo, to make the logo you have to know about the graphic design, it can be used as a wordmark or recognization symbol. It is the computer programming