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Duplicate Contacts New Best Apk

Easy tools to view and delete duplicate contacts. You will see a list of contacts arranged by name or number and you can choose which one you want to delete. Duplicate contacts are identified automatically. The transferred contacts are saved in the VCF file on the SD card. Thanks to Abdullah Al-Jasser for the Arabic

WifiNanScan App | best Wifi Apk Download

WifiNanScan App determines the distance between two smartphones Called Wi-Fi Over (Neighborhood Hour Networking (NAN)), WifiNanScan App  it provides research for developers, vendors, universities and more. Designed as a modeling and testing tool. With this application, it is possible to measure distances with an accuracy of one meter with a phone 15 meters away. Developers,

Volume Styles – Customize your Volume Panel Slider Apk Download

Take full control of the volume sliders, including the most advanced volume apps on the Play Store Sound Styles let you fully customize your phone’s volume panels and sliders. Change colors, apply various themes, such as iOS, MIUI, change location, and much more! You have complete control. You can also add additional shortcuts to the