Chat Bin (Recover deleted chat) best Apk

Send a message without saving a savings number
You don’t need to save temporary contacts just to send text.

Save your last opinion later
Don’t want to appear online? Open the chat bin and read all the messages.

. the answer
Quick search in message? No worries, we’ll talk to you for answers.

the color
If you call an emergency. No need to go to contacts, you can call the same person from the same person.

History of deleted messages
Have you already deleted a message from viewing? Just copy and paste the message up and down.
Also, you can always open a chat bin.

Receiving notifications from us
We will notify you together to read messages offline.

After installation, please allow everyone and access the chat bin. We will only ask for what is needed.

Our promises:
– Chat Bin will not store or share your personal information

Claim denied:
Chat is not related to WhatsApp Inc.








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