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Chico is a great alarm clock with a frustrating and brutally simple general look. This app can be easy to set up but powerful enough to be built in such a way that you can get an emotional stimulus that can do interesting things like learning common things like toothbrushes, shoes and other things and animals. Know the smile in the picture, so you should wake up the smile to avoid the alarm, even forcefully, or just solve math equations, memory and sequence games.

Chico | Best App Latest Version Movies APK Download

You can set this alarm in any way, including:

Adding challenges

This alarm clock comes with lots of challenges (like puzzles, games, photography and more) that give you a job that you can’t ignore the alarm and go back to sleep.

You can also add double challenges to the alarm, this way, as soon as the alarm starts, when you try to turn it off, an irregular challenge will lead to the alarm. That way you don’t always get tired of the same challenge.

Chico Best App Latest Version Movies

Here are some functions that can be added with caution:

Image Challenge

Using machine learning and other necessary elements, this application recognizes a predefined list of items and keeps the alarm off until a specific item or animal is photographed.

For example, do you always forget to drink water? Add a challenge to taking a photo as soon as the mug starts, so when it does, you have to stop and drink water

Laughter challenge

As simple as that, you have to wake up with a big smile, and you really have to take a big photo and selfie. If you don’t show all your teeth to the camera, the alarm will never go off. The comic book is really ready for a challenge

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