Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker Apk

Clock Vault (Hidden Photo Video Locker) is a great privacy protection app that hides your personal photos, videos, and other files safely and easily so that you don’t want anyone else on your device to see them.

To protect your privacy, this is an essential app that hides every media file with a password!
You can easily manage Gallery or Albums folders and view, move and export photos easily

Features Features:

Hide Pictures: You can easily hide pictures from your gallery in our private vault with your personal photo locker.

Hide Videos: Easily hide your personal media from your gallery in our vault with a private video locker.

Powerful App Lock: Lock Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other apps you prefer. You can lock Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the latest functions.

Fingerprint Protection: You can use your fingerprint to unlock your hidden watch wallet and app fingerprint.

H. Hide / Replace Icon: Replace your display icon with other images to optimize Vault Calculator Mode, Aya, Music, Calculator Lock, Calculator Wall and more.

Hack alert: Capture screenshots and emails from anyone trying to open the apps behind you. You can view and save fake photos from within Gallery Vault.

ake Fake Password (Deco Locker): Support fake locker system and display fake content to protect original gallery locks when entering fake password.

Personal Browser Browsing (Privacy Browser): Leaves no room in your personal web browser and your system to download and lock photos, videos and audio online.

Video Player: A super capable video player to display videos inside Video Vault.

Chaos Themes Lock: Choose from several stylish themes to beautify your lock screen, and choose your gallery picture to align behind the lock screen.

Easy Navigation: You can easily navigate from anywhere inside Gallery Lock by swiping from left to right just like navigating iPhone behind the scenes.

• Nice design: Easy and beautiful user experience.


– The application disappears from the recent applications list.
– Time locks are forbidden to be installed by children and strangers.
Easy file management system. (Edit, move, rename, create folders, etc.)
– Set a backup pattern lock to lock your application.
– Hide files directly from the gallery via the sharing option. Share from your gallery to Walt Instant Hide Videos with Lots of Pictures.

How is time lock used?
Step 1: Start the wallet watch and press the middle button.
Step 2: Move the hour and minute hands and press the hour button.
Step 3: Now repeat the password to confirm.

Important: Delete this app before organizing your personal files, otherwise it will be lost forever.

This app uses a device management license.
Device management is required to prevent Snoopers from snooping on Clock Vault and this app will never use this permission without preventing uninstall.

This app uses accessibility services.
Timer Vault needs accessible services to allow to save power and help people with disabilities open apps.

———– Frequently Asked Questions ———–

What do I do if I forgot my password?
– Start the watch vault and tap the center button. Set the time to 10:10 by moving the hand and clock, then pressing the middle button. This will open the password reset option.

Are my hidden files safe online?
No. Your files are only stored on your device so please make sure to back up all your hidden files before transferring them to a new device or factory reset.

Can I recover my files after installing this app?
– You cannot recover your files once the application is installed. Please go to “Install protection” from this application’s settings to prevent your application from being installed.





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