Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker App Download

Clock Vault (Secret Photo Video Locker) is the best privacy protection app to keep you safe and hide your personal photos, videos and any other files that you do not want others to see on your device easily.

This is an essential app to protect your privacy by hiding every media file with a password!
You can easily manage gallery folders or albums and view, move and export photos.

Highlight features:

Hide Pictures: Hide pictures in our safe easily from your gallery using private photo locker.

Hide Videos: Easily hide your personal media in a vault from your gallery, including your private video locker.

Powerful App Lock: Lock messaging software, gallery, browser, contacts, email, or any other app of your choice. You can also lock down WiFi, Bluetooth and recent business.

Fingerprint protection: You can use your fingerprint to unlock your secret watch vault and app lock fingerprint.

Hide / Replace Con Icon: Replace clock icon with other icons like Vault Calculator, Kina, Music, Calculator Lock, Calculator Vault, etc. to better hide Vault.

Intrusion warning: Capture a snapshot and mail messages of anyone trying to open the apps behind you. You can view and save Snooper Image from within Gallery Vault.

Fake Password (Decoy Locker): Support fake locker system and show fake content when entering fake password to protect real gallery lock.

Personal Browser (Incognito Browser): The personal web browser does not track your system to download and lock images, videos and audio from the Internet.

Video player: Inbuilt super video player for watching videos inside Video Vault.

Mes Themes Applock: Choose a variety of app lock themes to beautify your lock screen, and select a gallery picture to set behind the lock screen.

Easy Navigation: You can easily return to the screen from anywhere inside Gallery Lock by swiping from left to right just like navigating on an iPhone.

pecial features:

– The application disappears from the list of recent applications.
– Time lock protects against being uninstalled by children or strangers.
Easy file management system. (Edit, remove, rename, create folders, etc.)
– Set backup pattern lock to lock your application.
– Hide files directly from the gallery via the sharing option. Instantly share multiple photo videos from your gallery to the safe.

How to use Time Lock?
Step 1: Turn on our clock safe and press the middle button.
Step 2: Move the hour and minute hand, set the desired time password, and press the middle button.
Step 3: Repeat the password to confirm now.

Important: Do not uninstall this application before restoring your personal files, otherwise it will be lost forever.

This app uses permission from the device administrator.
Clock Vault requires permission from device administrator to prevent Snoopers from uninstalling it, this app never uses this permission without preventing uninstall.




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