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Fully developed file manager applet for local, network and cloud storage.

CX File Explorer is a powerful file manager from Apple that has a clean and bad experience. With this file manager app, you can speed up and manage files on your mobile device, computer and cloud storage, just like you would use Windows Explorer or Founder on your computer or Mac. It also offers a full set of B features that advanced users are looking for without a broken feeling. You can even manage the space used on your mobile device with visual storage analytics.

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Configure your files and folders: With an experienced user interface, you can easily browse, move, copy, compress, rename files (folders) in your mobile device’s internal and external storage. Can create, create and share.

Accessing Files in Cloud Storage: You can manage files in Cloud Storage.

Access to files on NAS (network connected storage): You can access files on remote or shared storage such as FTP, FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDA V and Lane. You can also access your DISport portable device from your computer using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Manage your apps: You can manage apps installed on your mobile device.

Analyze and manage your storage: CX File Explorer offers a visual analysis of your storage so you can quickly scan and manage your target space. Race Bean also helps you manage storage easily.

Content Design Interface: Cx File Explorer uses a content design interface.

If you are looking for a file manager applet with a simple and modern interface with full features, Cx File Explorer would be the best choice.

Cx File Explorer Best New Apk



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