DailyPashto; pashto app in world technical video

This app, Pashto TV, YouTube video, tech video, mobile apk file, android app, android games , appeal games, pc software, all mobile apk file ,  gives you access to live Pashto TV stations as well as on-demand films. It is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

Khyber News is an application that offers video news reports in Pashto, as well as other Pashto-language content. It works with Apple and Google’s mobile platforms.

Pashto New Songs 2021: This app offers music videos in the Pashto language as well as various forms of Pashto-language entertainment. It’s a thing that can be downloaded on Android phones and tablets.

This app features plays and other forms of entertainment in the Pashto language. It may be downloaded on Android gadgets.

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