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Once in our life time, everyone as wised to be a hero of a apocalypse, some where everyone relied on them and waited for their arrival to come and heroically save them. Among all the apocalypse the most wished one is the zombie one, where all the world is turned in to a meta human that pray on anything that’s alive and is conscious. Our main character the hero of the story wished to create a castle and fight these zombies with the help of his relied ones that will come to rescue him in the time of his need. Now we all are aware of the fact that we can’t turn thoughts and feelings into reality, so what’s best way to experience the desires and the wishes then games? Right?

Games have been an important part of our childhood and the current generation and the technology provided to this generation years of evolution have shaped games into a blooming business that many of the people around the globe are practicing. Offline games are another way to spend your time.


Following are the ways one can utilize games to their liking.

  1. Games can take you away from the reality
  2. They provide an enjoyment and leisure time.
  3. They can be used to ern money
  4. Games can shape personality
  5. Can provide you with a fight and flight response and lets you be prepared for a hard situation.

Dead target offline game:

Developed by the VNG gaming studios, dead target is an offline game with one specific theme, KILL KILL KILL zombies any time you want anywhere you want! Following are the stats of the game before jumping in to the description.


  1. Developed by: VNG gaming studios.
  2. Available on: Apple IOS and android.
  3. Download from: can be downloaded from google and play store.
  4. Status: free to play and download.
  5. Downloads: 100 million downloads.
  6. Reviews: an average of 4.5/ 5.0 rating.

Dead target is the game set in 2040, where almost all the population is turned in to zombies by a virus, and these zombies have special killing ability, these abilities can be tiresome for the people who are alive in the game, for this purpose a team of snipers is hired to kill the zombies before the kill everyone in the world. This team is a special ops team who collects different kind of guns with specific features to that particular gun to kill of the zombies, these guns are upgradeable and have a customized looking shape to them.

Dead target is a simple setting game which has individually worked on the features inside the game to make them and give them a specific vibe that gives the users with the experience that they can’t forget. As the game it-self is offline the players can come play at any moment without the need to worry about the internet connection. The developers of the game have given specific thought to the game graphical setting which is 3D and the shooting becomes much more fun than the usual shooting games.

Following are some of the features of the game, some of which are specific to the dead target itself.


  1. Defensive base: while shooting and searching to kill the zombies. You can make a base and protect that base at all costs it plays a vital role in protecting you from the zombies and your stuff.
  2. Realistic sniper graphics: the sniper shoot graphics ae in 3D and certain shots are made for example head shots 3D realistic graphics give you the best experience.
  3. Unique guns: as the zombies have special abilities to counter those abilities there are unique designed gums that have special abilities and are upgradeable.
  4. Award system: not many offline games come with award system, dead target Is the game which has a unique award system that allows you to upgrade guns, gives you special guns that are not easily found, on completion of the missions.
  5. Battle pass: buy the battle pass to get early access to weapons and missions.
  6. Legendary weapons
  7. Hoard mode
  8. Quest mode




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