Digital Clock & Batery Charge Apk Download

Digital Clock and Battery Charging Live Wallpaper displays the latest digital clock and battery charge information on your phone screen!

Digital Clock & Battery Charge


– Date / time (digital clock)
– Battery charge, temperature and voltage
RAM usage
Internal memory usage
– External memory usage (SD card)
– sensor information
– compass
CPU specification
– Basic device information
– Platform information

This straight wallpaper is specially designed to extend battery life and reduce power consumption during the day.

The digital clock and battery charge percentage indicate the current battery condition.
You no longer need a battery saver, battery tool, battery screen, or any other battery app, just install this wallpaper directly and the battery charge status and other battery information will always be displayed on your screen!

The best and easiest design to find out actual battery information and stats such as battery level, voltage and temperature.

Batteries have a limited life. Whenever you charge your device, it drains the battery completely. Scientific research shows that when your device is only charged to 80%, the battery life can be increased up to 200%.

Have you ever dealt with slow charging and wasting time?
Did you know that when charging, apps run in the background of your phone and connect to 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth … and the phone charging time is too long, the biggest reason is.
A high-speed battery charging solution that helps you to charge your device faster is energy saving. Close unnecessary background and contact apps on your phone. Helps to speed up the charging process and charge faster.

Battery charging live wallpaper and digital clock provide talking clock and night talking clock.
This app tells the user the current time, when you cannot see your watch, for example, if you are riding a motorbike or motorbike, driving a car or are in bed in the morning.

The Speaking Clock app is ideal for cyclists, motorcyclists, athletes, the blind, or anyone who is currently unable to see their watches.
The talking clock can be activated by double tapping the phone screen.
No need to open your eyes with the special night watch mode, just double tap the screen and the time will be announced.




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