Oh my god hello i am with the sky please follow christopher sky on facebook his profile is boy what is on the motorcycle on youtube, it’s three o’clock in the morning, i am very tired but i really want to do this video Want.

So this app exists, it’s basically a ghost radar ghost detector that you like to scan and walk around so I don’t know if I’m really sure because the app can look as good as it sounds. Is. This is a thief.

It’s not quiet I don’t know if you guys hear it they say the signal is correct, it’s weird, but anyway we walk around our apartment complex with it, it’s horrible, so let’s see That’s what happens, so I think just look at it and can you see something, yes? Well, well, here we go.

let’s go. Oh, that’s terrible for us. Is he looking for something like that? This is my room so now you have to stay in my room. I know my bathroom may have been hung by a lighthouse. Is it good for my locker, is it a good choice for the app? No such thing? Follows everything. Some calm, or shooting, is a condition that you see things.

You say take revenge, look around, swear, look. Yes seven, shoot. It’s there. You see that means it is here, but you chose it. there is nothing. Is there really Does not ask what you want? You are? Why our mascot completely? Why are you in my room My locker sees this. Yes, why are you in my room? Well I sent you a question why are you in my room? It goes to the fish I don’t know. Why does it look like a skeleton? This is the size of a phone.

I don’t know if the devil should see where this ghost stands. I don’t know how accurate this thing is but it doesn’t answer my question. The gunfire is not over, Loki is so scared. Especially since it’s like 3 o’clock in the morning, all these souls come in this hour. Oh my gosh Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me Sounds crappy, sounds like I feel crap all over me.

Sounds bad to me. Is the room open again? Not just in sleep. It makes noise. Well, well, she’s a really weird woman. He says this is a thief who should be my seven gods, don’t you see him? There is an example of having a toilet. He is here what are you doing here? What should I ask in the question? Have you been poisoned I will ask who you are. Popping may need some probiotics, it goes without saying that it still exists. I try to find it but I can’t. Can you see it I don’t know where to go He is there This is stupid. This is very stupid.

I don’t know if it’s fake or not, I’ll fix it again maybe the app is closed so I’ll open it properly, it pulls out the sensors from there soon. Document is reactivated, are you leaving? Up where did we hear this real noise? There was nothing weird about burning yet but I didn’t like the logic. You all know what it all looks like. Oh my god where is he yes what is this What did I say according to the lost soul? I don’t even know what that means. What is wrong? what is the meaning of this? I will ask you what it means to go. He does nothing. Well, that’s good. It is in my hand as you can see there is nothing in the walls of your hand. It’s in my hand. Yes, wait.

I don’t know what he did to open the waiting door. We’re on that path, I’ve come from where you care, and you talk about it? Oh, no, that’s part of the fact that no one can try to get closer to the trash can, right? This bullet opens the door, so I’m sure it was a little better the last time I tried to get here, if you’re not sure what this room is, we’re happy here. Here I record all my videos like podcasts or whatever, but there really is nothing. Here really, you know that the only way I can scare the mountains and scare them is that you are scared.

So follow me I have this l. Is a suitable tool. I’ve heard they don’t like saxophones. So I sing animal songs. Here we go, well, here we go. Ha ha ha here. This song is coming to you. Please leave me alone. If you are in this room, please leave me alone. Thanks to the door that just closed Jonas Amigo, we had to go. I don’t know, it doesn’t scare us, so I used to do more, oh, don’t do that. Well, you’re trying to vomit poison like that. You know there are weird things, okay, I’m out. I have to go, I have to take the pastor here and bless him in the apartment but it seems like a good thing



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