File Synchronization Service Apk Download

This application allows you to combine different accounts created on your Android device by defining terms, conditions and profiles.

File Synchronization Service Apk Download

For example, you can configure this mobile to avoid configuring your work account sitting at home (general rules based on mobile phone antenna or Wi-Fi network) or when two devices are off. Just add one (create rules based on Bluetooth), share them, to avoid duplicate notifications.

The app lets you define rules around Bluetooth devices, wireless networks, mobile phone antennas or battery charge levels.

It allows you to define multiple profiles and terms (subject to conditions).

If you purchased the paid version (from within the app), you can delete the ad and back up their profiles, terms and conditions, which may be returned to another device.

If the application does not work properly, email me. So help me improve the application.

Add to profile to disable notifications on each application

To disable notifications about applications in the profile you must install a custom ROM based on Android 4.1.x (or higher) and AOSP must be added (in parts you will need to install this additional system).



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