Flash alert for all notification -Sms alert flash Apk

This is the best Flash R Lite app for Android 2019 and it will shine when you receive a phone call or text message. With this app, you can control the flash frequency and disable / enable flash alerts on anyone with a simple click.

Flash alert for all notification -Sms alert flash Apk

You also get flash alerts at specific times and have the option to change the flicker frequency if you want to slow down or increase the flash alert. You will be able to control the status of the phone within the app which is Normal Mode / Silent Mode / Viber. You have the option to configure Flash Off with on / off details.

You can select the following phone flash alert status from several, and you can select the following SMS flash alert status from several.

The DNDO can specify when to start and when to end. Write this great app now!
This app is a flash alert for all alerts and a quick blink for a fast battery pair.
You can choose the next flash mode for your phone range from some people and from some people you can choose the next SMS notification flash mode.

You can use this app for hospital, seating or any quiet and noisy areas. This application will help you find your phone in the dark and hard of hearing.

Why should you use Flash Alert for all notifications?
Support front flash and back flash. This will flash everyone’s previous flash notification. You can choose notification pre-flash or back-flash.

Mobile phone When you get a cell phone, the lamp goes out.
Custom speed flash on the phone.

Custom SMS Speed ​​Flash Alert or Custom Flash Alert Notification for all notifications
Phone flashlight notification on the phone.

Flash resonance allows the speed of the lamp to change, allows the speed of light to flash easily, and allows the mass frequency to be slower or faster.
Flash custom speed range

Custom SMS Speed ​​Flash Alert and Custom Flash Alert for all notifications
Less If the battery is low, protect the battery from low flash, you can turn the lights on or off according to the battery.

Phone You can set the time to activate the previous flash notification on the phone.
New flash alert frequency, flash notification can be controlled throughout the year
MSS Alert Flash helps you never lose your phone or SMS

– Journalism:
android.permission.CAMERA Flashlight, even taking pictures is not allowed.
– android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE Listen to the status of the phone to work with the application.

– We do not disclose any personal or sensitive user information or any official identification numbers, photos or contacts related to financial or payment activities.

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