Followers & Unfollowers Tracker for Instagram Apk Download

New followers: Find who you are following with new followers.

Don’t track: With the non-tracking feature you can easily find out who is not following you.

Do not follow – Return: In the Do Not Follow section, select the users you follow but you do not follow.

Followers & Unfollowers Tracker for Instagram ApkĀ 

Which I never follow: See users who follow you but don’t follow you.

Total Posts: You will see how many posts you currently share with the Total Post feature.

All Likes: Using the Click Likes feature, you can find all the likes so far.

Most liked: Most liked post with your most liked post

Maximum Explanation: Choose your posts that get the most exposure with the most explanatory b.

View my profile: Find users who are your hidden fans and see my profile b in my profile.

Block me: Indicate which users are blocking your blockbuster feature.

Fake Followers: Identify Fake Users

Search for hidden stories: Follow all hidden and general stories in your account.

Profile photo zoom: You can expand your profile picture to zoom in.

Now you can easily get to know all the stylists and their interested users.
Find out what’s going on in your profile with reports!

In addition to these B features, you can look for many B features such as rejecting followers and expanding your Infil Premium account, through detailed analytics, you can specify what happens in your account.

About subscription: The subscription period is one week / one month / one year

Google will collect subscription payments from your Google Play account after purchase confirmation.

If the subscription is not canceled 24 hours before the end of the period, it will automatically renew.

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