Funny Google translate voice tricks

Google has some funny tricks that translate your voice to a language that even not exist. They are so funny and enjoyable. Thai is a language if you just record your voice that translates in a language that no one understands. Google translate whatever you write in the writing box then you just need to listen and you will enjoy that text in language you want to listen.

Google got lazy some time. When you type something and it will show that Google fail to translate this word even that word might be very easy. Google make funny mistakes many time you just have to know the trick how to make mistakes by Google.

If you type lady gaga and chose Malay and translate it to any language the result of the search will be as Britney spears. This is how Google make mistakes or it does not understand and bring any language.

If you ask Google we hate this company. Google will show Facebook as the company and in translation you will see Facebook is appearing as company. This might be not funny but they do this mistake.

When you say to Google men are men and men should clean the house but Google will show that men are men and women should clean the house. These are some funny mistakes by Google that are made by it and you can try these tricks for fun that Google do every time.

When you type lalalala in Google it will show you Icelandic singer name Bjork. It is also a funny mistakes you are typing something else and it is showing you something else this are the mistakes that Google do every time. There are many more but we come across some of the mistakes and tell you those mistakes.






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