Gesture Lock Screen Best Mobile Lock Apk Download

Draw or point to something to open it.
Unlock it with gestures, fingerprints, or staples.

Add / change / delete hints
Hint color is hidden / solid / transparent
Indication sensitivity
Single strokes (one-touch drawing) and multiple strokes with gestures
Set letters, numbers, symbols, signatures, and anything like a password hint
Gesture Lock Screen is a unique signature lock screen

Intruder Selfie
Photos taken of intruders who entered incorrect gestures, pins, or fingerprints
Send the spam alert and pictures to your email address
Show intruder notifications to unlock
Show date and time in intruder photos
Wrong customs infiltration attempts
View / open / edit intruder selfie folder
Tip lock screen is an intruder selfie alert lock screen

Fingerprint Unlock is only available on Android devices with Marshmallow or higher fingerprint sensors.
Fingerprint scanning to unlock
Scan fingerprints to change pointers or pins
Scan the fingerprint to close the locker
Hidden / Invisible Fingerprint Code
Gesture lock screen is a fingerprint lock screen

Notifications on the lock screen are available for Android 4.3 and later
Show unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarms and more notifications on lock screen
Hide sensitive information
Draw details / double tap notifications and tips to view details to open
Swipe to remove notifications
Custom info background and text color
Change notification size and location
Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable lock screen notification

Security +
If you forgot the tip, enter the recovery password to unlock
4 ~ 8 recovery password
Tip lock screen is a secure keypad lock screen


Wall paper
Choose wallpaper from gallery
Background gestures: Pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom, drag to pan
Set a static home screen wall and Live Wallpaper as your lock screen wallpaper
Live wallpaper (LWP) is only supported on Marshmallow by Android KitKat
Screen Element Editor
An intuitive WYSIWYG editor
Drag the screen to move the item
Click or double item to display settings
Drag to move the settings panel
Date Date Date and time settings
Set your name, emoji or any text as lock screen message
Terry battery percentage indicator
Custom lock / unlock / error words
yp 11 keyboard theme
s 1s-24 hours delay lock
Idle period 5-120 seconds (Marshmallow +)
Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable DIY lock screen

Turn your phone off screen without pressing the physical power button.
Go to click to lock your phone.
This app uses permission from the device administrator.

Please download gestures lock screen, set letters, numbers, symbols, signatures or contexts as passwords, and draw your phone to unlock.



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