Green Battery – Power Saver Free, CPU better New Best Apk

For full power, the phone has an option to save power. Preparing an affordable process location with a simple and tested interface is not easy!

The main point of the application

Power accuracy time 1
The rechargeable battery displays the exact amount of power and time it takes to get on the phone, so it’s important to know how to choose it.

A pipe power for saving electricity
With a simple tap the app needs to share events to save the phone’s power consumption and energy. The Coliseum is at other times reminiscent of long-term system settings such as screen listing, screen expiration, and Bluetooth.

Improved energy savings
This allows you to shut down background applications completely and automatically prevent motion inspections.

Power saving
In addition to the default power saving status, a significant part of the process is also organizing your power saving plan according to your needs. At the border, for example, Wi-Fi on / off, screen point distribution. Own your power!

“Charging Boost”
Boost Charging Features Read speed lessons in efficient border assembly and ensure a healthy charging environment to prolong battery life. Moreover, it was time to end the charge that started with the woman and the story partner

“Battery Protection”
With the viewer’s phone plugged in, the low battery can monitor the entire charging process and create the right amount of charging for each charge, the unseen battery is always in good health and has a long life.

Power consumption status
Power usage apps monitor views and women, so choose a significant amount of time to turn off and stay on the phone to have full control over power usage.

Clear memory and boost
Promote phone growth to block unwanted capture requests.

With the battery you will have a longer viewing time online and the phone will have full capacity to view a. Protect your juices with a battery!





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