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Found of traveling!! Wants to know what others saying! Wants to communicate with the community! Wants to share reviews!! like to communicate in others’ language!!

If you are traveling an unknown area or neighboring country but do not have command of that language then you face scamps and communication barer. For the sake of understanding have to pay the translator, and there is no guarantee of how much your hired translator is capable of translating. By considering digitalization there should be a digital translator that has translated signs and sentences.

Hi Translate – Chat translator

This app is the full and final solution for your problems so do not needs to pay any translator just install Hi Translate – Chat translator from the google play store and apple play store.

Steps for downloading Hi Translate – Chat translator from google and apple stores

  • Install Hi Translator- Chat translator from google and apple play store.

  • Then make an account on Hi Translate – Chat translator by sharing basic details.
  • Select the native language.
  • And set the password and identity cord.
  • Hi translator offers 30 days trial.
  • Select your native language in which wants to translate.
  • And select that language that you do not understand.
  • For a better understanding of the language turn on the location.

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Feature of Hi Translate – Chat translator

The incredible features of the Hi Translate-Chat translator are given below

  • Voice translator
  • Image translator
  • Multi-language translator
  • Image/ sign translator
  • Conversational translator
  • Text translator

✓[Updated] Hi Translate - Free Voice and Chat Translate Mod App Download for PC / Android (2022)


Hi Translate – Chat translator gives the service in about 100 languages that including

  1. English
  2. Mandarin
  3. Hindi Spanish
  4. French
  5. Arabic
  6. Bengali
  7. Russia
  8. Hindi
  9. Urdu


This translator gives 30 days of free access without any payment after 30 days have to pay premiums on a monthly bases and weekly bases. The amount of premium is based on the service which you want.

Multi-language translator

One of the incredible features of Hi Translate – Chat translator is a multi-language translator which has to select your native language or the language in which you want to translate. Then select the language in which you want to translate.


Conversational translator

Sometimes mostly do conversations with international fellows and Clint it is challenging to understand the exact tone and meaning of their words. By using conversation translation you can easily find out the meaning and most importantly you can convey your meaning. Hi Translate – Chat translator makes your conversation smooth and frequent.

Voice translator

If you receive a voice note that is not in the native language and wants to translate then simply give them access app to that particular voice note. Hit translator gives the detailed translation.


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