How can I get 8 bands in ielts speaking?

(Live Music) – In this section, I want to ask you some questions about me.

Let’s start with what you do. You work or study? – Oh, I’m a student. – [Christopher] What about? – I’m studying marketing. – And why did you choose this article? – Oh, because the analyzes are big now. Great information everywhere. And I had previous experience with MySQL so I decided to come here and study analysis.

– And what do you want to do with this degree after graduation – I’m optimistic about working as a data scientist – [Christopher] Why? – As I said, big data is everywhere and I really like series and data. I like everything about statistics, although this degree gives me the opportunity to study in more detail than I already knew.

So I think it would be a good idea to start your career with a degree in information science. – Okay now let me talk about your free time.

What I do in my spare time – I don’t really have much free time since last year but usually I like to read, travel, meet friends and volunteer on weekends. – And do you want to spend your free time indoors or outdoors? – It depends on the weather, if it rains I don’t want to go out but most of the time yes, I want to go out instead of staying in my house. – What did you enjoy in your spare time as a child? – Oh, I just read books all the time.

difficult is to get 8 bands in ielts

I never went out and played too much, so my parents scared me, like playing sports with kids my age but I always save at home and read. – What do you want to do with your free time this week? – This week? Like I said, I’m a volunteer, so I’m a volunteer at McClellan Cancer Support, so I’m going to see patients and get advice. – So you’re talking about travel, do you like traveling? – Yes, I did. – [Christopher] Why? – Because I want other countries to know their culture, what kind of people, what they like. Things like this are interesting to me. – Where is the most popular tourist destination in your country? – In my country, oh! People often prefer to go to Europe.

Because it’s like winter, and I come from a hot country. So it’s like a pleasant change for them, so we mostly want to go to America or Europe where winter falls. – Is foreign travel very popular in your country? – And yes, yes, it’s very popular. So most people get gout in summer but it is always hot in India. So yes, I think movies have a lot of roles in it because they show all the destinations that have snow in the mountains and it’s very interesting to us because we don’t actually take the ice, at least not from the outcrop. – Where do you want to go in the future? – There are still many places in India that I have not visited, so I will probably go there.

And I really say and say and like Greece, yes. – So I’ll give you a topic and I want to talk to you about it for a minute or two. You have a minute head before you start and you can prepare some notes, you know? – Yes – [Christopher] That’s right, the kind of cultist I want is usually normal, but I think I wear different clothes for different events like everyone else. So considering the mountains we have a lot of festivals in India so I usually try to wear casual clothes. A t-shirt like jeans, but at celebrations, I look at the traditional Indian attire.

And I’m specially prepared, because they like that you can’t buy traditional Indian clothing in the mall. But personally I sew these for me and because you can choose your style and design most of the accessories.

So yes, I wear normal clothes when you cough because it is common. So it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed because most of the time you go to the temple plain so it makes me feel comfortable when I wear this dress and I am happy when I wear this traditional Indian dress because when I was a child (foreign language) Surviving from this celebration like K) you know (foreign language) yes (in foreign language) everyone wears white clothes because they paint your color and so you come out after white clothes and when it comes back like color.

Different outfits at different times, I wore very warm clothes here and it feels really warm. And I bought clothes from different stores, I think it depends on what kind of clothes I want and when I go to an interview, I am more formal.

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