How To Keep Your Photos Safe With The Vault App

How to Keep Your Photos Safe with the Vault App. Clock Vault (Secret Photo locker & Video Locker) is great privacy protection app to keep it safe & easily hide photos,

What is Clock Vault App?

Clock Vault app is similar to Dropbox or iCloud storage for the photos, where you can backup all your photos & videos to one or multiple folders. The only thing is that the data of the photo is stored on your phone’s internal memory instead of the cloud, making it less susceptible to hacking.

Great Privacy Protection App for Photos

Despite of the fact that Dropbox and iCloud are great apps to store your photos & videos safely online, they still have some downsides. And the primary one is that the phone’s storage is limited. The latter makes deleting photos annoying, as all the photos/videos in iCloud photos library must be deleted when you want to delete it.

Another problem is that iCloud Photo Library makes it easy for anyone in your contacts list to view and/or edit your photos.

Why You Should Get This App

Remove Untrusted Links

Vault eliminates the need for ugly cloud uploads

Temporary Locking

Lock photos with 4-step passcode, 1-month countdown timer and also 2 hour expiration time

Show Passcode or Password for App

Resist Powerwash

Files are encrypted with AES-256 encryption and should not be susceptible to forensic examination

Attach Files Automatically from Camera

What is app control?

Control settings, like security settings, changes, authorization level, hide photos and open photos or videos.

Reverse Backup

Reverse backup system to be able to restore a photo if it is accidentally deleted or if you want to recover a previous photo before you deleted.


Create or use new backups and manage your folders with extra useful features.

How to Use It

Opening The Vault

First open the Vault app.

Tap the three line menu at the bottom of the screen > Scroll to Top > Tap Unlock

At this point, you will have the option of private, secret or visible and you can continue from there.

On my iPhone, I set it as secret and entered my passcode and then unlocked the app.

What’s So Cool About it?

The secret photos safe is awesome because it has a timer on it to make sure you don’t take photos or videos and for a brief period, they disappear.

The secret Photos locker folder or vault folder is then completely hidden so it’s totally impossible to access it except by unlocking the phone and swiping away the icon and manually adding it.

What are the features of this app?

• Lock & unlock your photos & videos

• Hide sensitive photos & videos

• Add a PIN to hide photos & videos

• Photo Vault Live Wallpaper to enhance your privacy

• 4th Generation encryption algorithm and Quad Core + Mali-450 GPU

Download Clock Vault (Secret Photo locker & Video Locker)


Normally $2.99.

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