Ice in case of emergency android

Everyone will lock her mobile phone no one can know your phone password, in case of emergency, you have a road accident and unknown people handles you in this situation to contact your family, need your mobile or mobile contacts, impossible to unlock your phone, this application will help you to handle in an emergency, this application will solve your problem, tackles your problems.

This application is free and has an easy format, always shows a notification on your screen which contains the specific information to access your contacts. You can easily call anyone. it’s very easy to set up, always enable the notification on the lock screen otherwise this will not access mobile contacts. It is an important application. This application is fully free, does not collect your personal information, and does not affect storage and battery.

How to use ICE – In Case of Emergency:

Install the “ICE- in case of emergency” from the Google play store.

Open the app.

Read three steps carefully, enables the notification, disable the restrictions, and app behavior.

After reading the steps and click on the next.

Fill out the form, with your name, contact number, medical condition, etc.

You have successfully set it up.

Comforts of Application:

  • Display the notification on the lock screen with your personal information.
  • Pinch the notification as full screen.
  • prevents you from injuries
  • Reduce the damage.
  • Prevents the environment and community.
  • Accelerate the resumption of normal operation.
  • Prevents someone from being injured and easily informs her family.
  • Provides you accommodation.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Easily contact.
  • Some time avoids the danger.
  • This will helps the families.
  • Feature of the application:
  • Display the full-screen notification if your phone is a lock.
  • Access to your contacts in the case of emergency.
  • You can add your close contacts in the favorites that help the unknown to find the close person of the patient.
  • Enable the notification otherwise, this application will not work.
  • set up the app in just three steps.
  • Profile picture.
  • Other suitable applications

Medical ID:

This application will also get access to medical data, and contacts in the case of an emergency. This application will allow you to create a medical id/ profile, accessible to your lock screen, consisting of medical information like your blood group, allergies, etc.

This App location provides you the extra feature of sharing location even when the app is closed, this helps the people who have disabilities, and respond first in an emergency. This application is free and the developer does not add ads to it. Because this application is for emergency use and ads will disturb you, and you have no time for watching the ads. This will not affect your phone and don’t steal your personal information.


This application is also used at the time of emergency, this will send your location to the local emergency service also show you the local emergency number around you, also add the personal numbers for emergencies. This application will work when you have no internet connection, and no mobile data, send your location via SMS.


This application will also be beneficial in the case of an emergency, this application will alarm you via SMS, call, and by sending the location. This application is also free no need for the internet, to send the burglar alarm via SMS by sending the location, call, and without GPS access. Very easy format, easy to use.





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