Ijju Best Mobile App 2021

The school application is telephone only. Please check your college or university

The Schools app is public in many colleges and universities such as Circos University, University of Oregon, University of California, Stony Brook University, Northwest Arkansas Community College, Peace, University of Denver, Columbia College Chicago, Gonzaga, California Arts. College, Samford University, UCSB and many more.

Student Guide: Find other students based on the student’s name and common interests.
Nutrition Activity Feed: Find out what other students are talking about and answer your questions.
Study Group Finder – Reading Only? Study with the help of other students!
Group Messaging – Start a group, find a group, and be part of the conversation.
Find a roommate: Find good people you can have a better life with!
• Personal Messages: Talk to staff and students in real time.
Week announcements: Don’t forget the important messages of the school.

AJU is a platform to facilitate communication between teachers and parents at the secondary and higher education levels. It helps parents get a clear idea of ​​how their wards function in both academic and non-academic fields.
Ajojo allows teachers to quickly find information about a student at their fingertips using a smartphone.
Ajojo opened a channel of mutual communication between teachers and parents. This is a real time communication as it is achieved through the smartphone that you always carry !!!

Jobs offered by Ajojo
For parents

Ajjo helps parents to create a consistent vision for the performance of their wings in academic and non-academic fields.
The AJO Performance Graph / Graph provides an overview of Ward’s performance. It helps parents identify the necessary improvements in the early stages and avoid last-minute surprises.
Ajojo allows parents to take a special look at the activities of the department by teachers.
As a result, they will be able to receive any information from the school in real time, so there will be no distractions or delays in communication.
The AJO Diary opens a two-way communication channel to fill the communication gap between parents and teachers.
Ajjo helps parents find transportation information for their site faster

Teacher l
Viewing AJO progress reports allows teachers to quickly track any student activity report
Advanced and temporary charts help teachers identify performance improvements at an early stage and inform parents.
Ajo’s guide helps teachers send notes to parents and get their identity. It helps to fill in any gaps in communication.
AJO Transport Information helps the teacher to quickly find student transport information.

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