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What do you do? If your friend is out of the country and you want to contact me. Will you call them with your SIM? That might cost you more. There are many apps that provide you free calls if someone is out of the country. You can call them for free. We have seen many apps but this app provides you video call text message and voice message. We have received many messages from our subscribers that we should find an app that provides them free video and audio call and they take benefits of that and we restart our research and find the app and this app is also the best one among its category.

This app has many feature and we will tell you about those. We have found many but this one is best because of its unique feature. People are always in search of such apps that do not waste their time and we are the one who provides such apps and what we uploaded on our website people love those as they take benefit of those. We are here and if you have any problem you can ask in comments and we will provide its solution to you. Now we have brought an app where you can do free video and audio calls and they provide this service only if you have internet. So this is the cheap way to call any one who is out of the country and you can say that its almost free and you do not have to pay for this. We have been through many apps and we did not find more feature than this app and we decide to tell about this app and you can find it easily in play store. Imo is app that provided these free services.

This is globally high quality calls app that provides you opportunity to call your friends and text them almost for free. There are many apps like this but they do not provide such quality and feature. What we brought for you is always the best app in its category. This has a very good feature even if you have a bad connection you can call to your family member friends and other people who are very far from you. There are many facilities and this app is one of those and people who are very far from you and you can see them through a video call. This is very fast and connects you quickly to them. this app does not bound you that you are allowed to some countries but you can call any country in the world and you will always note down that it work faster. Imo share the real time and you have to save those moments with you and you will always love those moment and they will be always in your memory. This app provides you feature and one is when you call your friends and he is not on the other side as he pick the phone he will be notified that his friends calls him and he can call back them. It can work with any network and support 2G, 3G and 4G. You will be never disconnecting with them whether you have fast internet or slow internet.

This is not only about photos, videos and documents. You can share these all things with them. you can receive and these things and this app support (DOC, MP3, ZIP, PDF and etc). we always recommend this app you want to talk to a person who is out of country. this is app fully accessible from android, IOS and windows. This app use less data and it also save your money. This app can be installed in all devices. You can make your profile very cool and you select the theme and it will look beautiful and there will be music in the background. It is up to you how you make your profile. You have to search people by their contact number and you do not need a long procedure and PIN to find your friends and family member. It will connect you with them very easily. All the data from this app will be stored in this app and it will not take storage of your phone.

You will never miss anything from this app whether that is messages or some other notification even if you are online. Whenever you want things from the fast you will get them because this app has its own backup and it always work. As we promise that we will always bring such apps that will help you and has more feature and that give you many benefits. You can call there to landline and mobiles with very less charges and it will charge you very little as compare to other calls. You do not need to but subscription as it does not charge you for subscription as it provided you free services. You can create groups with imo do live stream and video calls. Now we have told about this app and we also explain its feature and you have to read the article and decide whether you want this app or not and if you will install this app you will have a lot of advantages and you can be in contact with your friends and family member whenever you want. It is all free as we told you that you must install this app and take benefit of this app and you can use it in any device and it is easily available in play store and you can download it from there.

  • It is rated as 4.2 stars.
  • It is reviewed by 7 million people.
  • It is downloaded by 1 million people.
  • It is free of cost.
  • This app is design to contact with those people for who are not in the country.

This app is easily available in play store and you can install it in any device.


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