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LOGO stands for “language of graphics-oriented” that is used to recognize the public identity of the brand company and any institute. Every company every brand have its logo, to make the logo you have to know about the graphic design, it can be used as a wordmark

or recognization symbol. It is the computer programming language, logistic operation, and logistic order. In past, it is very difficult to make a logo but now the logo maker app removes this difficulty you can make your logo by yourself.

How to create a logo?

  • First, you have to clear idea of brand personality before deciding.
  • Analyze them
  • select the logo style
  • Select the type of logo
  • Decide the fonts
  • Select the color or keep it simple

Types of LOGO

There are different types of logos some of them are given below;

Emblem logos: It is the symbolic representation of the quality of hydraulic devices.

Pictorial mark logo: It is an icon and graphic base logo, that is mostly known as a mark logo or brand logo

Logotypes: These types of logos are company names, separate words make groups collectively.

Lettermark logos: It is alike a wordmark logo, entire text for the initial representation of brands.

Abstract logo: Complex geometrical symbol, mostly used in business.

ascot logo: It is a character logo( animals, birds, humans).

Combination logo marks: The combination of logomark and logotype is known as combination logo marks.

Some logo maker applications:

Logo maker & logo creator:

This application consists of 1800 plus templates, backgrounds, fonts, etc. This app makes your life easy, if you are looking for something different, generate the logo by hand. You can generate the logs as you want. This is free, offers you more powerful and thousands of business ideas. If you are a businessman and worry about the versatile logo for the company and you do know how to make it, so it’s just simply to download the app and create logos for your company as you want and enjoy the coolest ideas. The different designer offers you the most adorable ideas to digitalize your logo. Generate adorable logos the most easily and easily in just a minute.

How to create a logo by using this app:

  • Install the app from the google play store
  • Open the app
  • Select the category
  • Create the customized logo
  • Press the save button to save the logo.


  • Logos are available in all categories, text, print, 3D, photography, fashion, business, support, and many other collections of categories.
  • Customized logo with text
  • Multiple backgrounds are available.
  • Creat text logos
  • You can save it in your gallery.
  • Also, save it as a draft.

Logo Maker-Graphics Design& logos creator app:

You can create all graphic designs in one app, it consists of many templates, you can make logos, letter marks, banners, thumbnails, also a sticker maker. It is useful for the business making logos. This free application harms your device, not collecting your information does not affect battery optimization. This application has a huge collection and category of stickers, graphics, backgrounds, and handy create logos, useful for making posters of Promotions, newspapers, social sites, restraints, and shops.

Functions of Application:

  • This has a unique, artistic, graphics logo style.
  • More categories of art.
  • A large number of graphics design
  • Photo editing
  • Text editing
  • It has multiple textures and backgrounds.
  • Improved logo quality.

Logo Esport Maker, create gaming logo maker:

This app is designed for gaming logos. Fast and easy to use. You can create professional, unique, and impressive logos, consisting of multiple colors, you can apply thirty plus different textures to it and export them, you can add multiple colors to design the logo, and have more than twenty different fonts and backgrounds. It is also a photo editing app, text editing tool, flip rotate, 3D rotate more than to create colorful logos.


  • Art &Design
  • multiple templates
  • logo maker
  • photo editing
  • Editing tool
  • Fonts and backgrounds
  • Versatile logo design
  • Offline shapes

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