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Ludo All Star is an online game for 2 to 4 players and it is an offline ludo game that will bring back your childhood memories. Ludo All Star – The best game is an online and offline ludo game played between friends, family and kids.

Ludo is a simplified version of another Indian cross circuit game known as Chopat, Chopar, Pachasi or Parsi. It is a classic strategy game and dice game played by 2 or 4 players. Players have a strong character and compete with their furs by deleting 4 tokens.

In addition to regular games, all new online ludo games, ludo all star ludo games have come up with interesting things that will make you a ludo king game.


The game also has a ride mode, which makes the ludo star even more interesting.
Get ready to fight the ultra-classic board games in the online game Ludo with your three friends.


Ludo Classic online games are available in different names and variants such as Eucharist, Greeniaris, Fia, C Kazigia, Ki Nevet a Vegan, Barsi (Burgess / Burgess), Greeniaris (Greece), Mans-Arger-G. . Knight (Netherlands), Perch or Percy (Spain), Le Geo de Dada, Burgess (Spray) / Burgess (Syria), King (Persia / Iran), Da ‘Angua’ (Vietnam)), Offline Ludo Czech (Hindi)) ), Ự ngựa (Vietnam), Feng Chiu Ki (China), Parchesi (North America), Parchiz (Spain), Manish Agriar near Ditch (Germany), Non-TRRABIBAR (Italy), Czech (Poland), Reese Amber Melima (Estonia) ), Spell fia, or fia med naf (Sweden).

Usually combined with other classic tactical board games such as Malapsi, Parasi, Crisis, Forgiveness and Aircraft Chess, Ludo games are easy to understand and play. So, join the board and start your ludo game adventure online with ludo, and become a ludu star!

Special for all stars
Regular and Arabic titles
Play ludo games in 2 player and 4 player situations.
Talk offline mode, rod mode, classic mode and much more.
Clean up your greasy roll and be your lucky boss.
Roll 6 after 6, then select the menu to apply side by side.
Sign up and make new friends.
Win online lottery games. The more you win, the more you win.
Daily White Proverbs for Everyday Rewards.

Rules of the game – Ludo King
In Ludu, players are playing appropriate dice games.

Before moving from the starting point of the colored piece to the starting square of the decision, the player must first play the role of No.6. Then, in each brother’s turn, place one to six sets of pieces as indicated by the place dice roll.

The number 6 is tossed, the player can present a token already existing in the online Ludu Star game or enter another progress code in the initial square.

6 throws give the player an extra role or “bonus” for that time. If the bonus list result is 6 again, the player can win the role of the extra lever game.

As the piece moved into King’s Wave image it was on the house pole. The piece can only be carried in the pocket of the house with a beautiful wrapper. The first player to move four pieces to win at home pocket.

Get ready for a crazy adventure that will take you all the stars of Ludo with the best Game B features.
Ludo Multiplayer Online Multiplayer is a great game that can be played on your desktop and Ludo multiplayer and is selected from Ludo and Ludo Star games. Ludo Offline game is a kind of ludo but offline mode. You don’t need to visit your friends to play online ludo games.

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