Mega Storage Cloud

You don’t have space in your mobile. You are worried about space. You want to save something in your mobile. Your mobile space is full. Are you worried about the important files and their security? Now don’t need to worry about such thing. I will tell you about such thing that will solve your problem.

You need to stay here and follow the steps we are telling you. There are many apps who said they will provide you free space but they are not. If you want to have more storage you need this app mega. This app will help you to provide space. This is very safe. They provide first security than storage. It is very safe. There are some other apps that do not provide security as this app provide. Mega is app that was introduced in New Zealand.

The app is liked around the world. It consider very safe. People also like it in reviews. It provides you 25GB space. If you want more space you need to pay the amount they will help you. It provides you 16TB that is a lot of space. This storage will be with you forever. It is also in safe hands. Even they cannot open your cloud as it is safe. If you forgot the password you need to reset it. You need to have Gmail on which you registered this app. It has a lot of benefits. Some are mention above.

  • 25GB will be provided free.
  • If you need more space pay some money and take the space.
  • It very secure.
  • It need password to enter to cloud.
  • It can provide 16TB password.
  • You can use it forever.
  • It is downloaded by 100 million of people.
  • It has 4.6 stars out 5.
  • It has 1.12 million reviews.
  • You can share the files with your contact or others.

I have mention all the benefits of the app. They are mention above. This app is very popular. It is downloaded by 100 million people that are a lot. We need to have this space app in our phone to secure our file. You can use it for free up to 25GB and if you need more space you need to pay for that. It is end to end encrypted.


You can install it by two ways. It can be downloaded in windows and can be install from play store. So both ways are easy. It is very to use. It is easy to install. Once you have this app you can now set a password and shift file to omega. Omega will save those file and you can send it and see them any time by just typing your password.


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