Mobile Camera Blocker Best App Download

Camera Blocker is a camera privacy tool. Camera Blocker will disable and block your phone’s camera and protect the camera from misuse or unauthorized or unethical access to the camera.

Camera Blocker will block camera access to all apps and entire Android system (no root required).

Mobile Camera Blocker Best App

Privacy protection is very important for everyone. There are various applications on the Android platform that can be made with permission from the camera. They can record background photos or videos without your knowledge. Camera Blocker will protect your privacy by blocking access to the phone’s camera.

The best part about this app is that the app itself does not require the camera permission. So your phone’s camera is 100 safe, even this app cannot access the phone’s camera.

This app uses permissions of the device manager. This tool uses the “disable camera” security policy to keep the camera inside the device manager.

Free for free users
The free version of the app has no restrictions on camera block protection, so free users will get 24/7 full camera protection.


Camera Blocker Blocker b features h

Camera 24/7 Full Camera Block protects against any unethical or unauthorized access to the camera.

Block and protect the camera with one click of tools or notifications. (Pro feature)

Automatic camera block at fixed time intervals.

Application Alert Launcher for temporary camera access to selected apps. (Pro feature)

Check the list of apps that use the camera’s license.

Check the stats and the level of potential risk for each allowed camera app.

Notify camera when new camera is installed with permission from camera

Front and back camera support

No root required.

Shortage of battery

✔ Fast and easy to use


The camera defends against the camera blockers
Carol used rear cameras and was unethical
Misuse of the camera by others


most used

Protect your camera from camera blocking and inactive, illegal and unauthorized camera access.
Make cameras or mobile camera equipment for children or friends.
Camera Blocker will detect all camera apps.

Try it! Download Camera Blocker now.

See the frequently asked questions

1 Question Does the camera shutter allow the camera?
No, the camera blocker does not allow the camera and the camera blocker cannot access the camera itself.

Q2: Why can’t I install the app directly from settings. How to install Camera Blocker?
Answer Use the camera blocker manager app so that the app can be installed in two ways.
1. Open the application and you will see the “Install Application” button below. or
2. Go to Android Settings – Security – Device Manager – Just check the camera blocker and uninstall the applet normally.
(Our request is invalid. If you can’t find a way to uninstall the app, please contact us before you give a bad rating or rating. We will definitely help you.)



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