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You can find solutions to the most common problems in the FAQ section (for example, GPS or background logs are not showing in the app)

If you are looking for a high GPS tracker, if you are looking for long distance travel and action games – this app is for you!

Track your travels and share with your friendsGeo Tracker can help:
He missed a trip to the area without any knowledge
Tell your friends how to repeat your path
Use another path stored in GPX or KML
Determine the most important or interesting points on your trip.

The app is recordable, even when it’s locked (you’ll need to do some extra setup to backup a device with Android 8 or later).

Much longevity can be recorded without problems – you are only limited by storage memory. The recorded tracks are stored in GPX or KML, so they can be used in some applications like OG Explorer or Google Earth.

When a path appears on the map, the app keeps backlog build-up on the device, making it easier to use on the track.
Geo Tracker allows you to switch maps from Google to Yandex, so your site will have more detailed maps for travel to Russia and CIS.

The app can calculate following statistics – Show achievements to your friends with great success 🙂



Geo tracker account:
Top and average speed on the road
Time of movement and average speed
Maximum and minimum, elevation difference
The vertical vertical distance, circumcision and movement
Types of minimum, maximum and average
Here are some good charts for speed and altitude.



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