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Al Mulla ERP system. MOLLA collaborated with American experts to integrate the complete architecture of a complex management system into a very simple mobile application.

MoolaPro – Business Management

Using cloud computing technology, Al Mulla eliminates the dependence of managers and employees on heavy computers.

With Al Mulla, 100 store operations are performed daily on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc.

More than just a technical solution, Al Mulla provides support to sales and service management professionals from all over the world, as it continuously improves sales, maintenance and maintenance processes with merchants while continuing to adapt to nearly every organizational structure providing flexibility and responsiveness.

Additionally, Mola provides opportunities to network with potential clients through Moola4U.

Moola4U is a search engine for personal property management and services, providing a new and more effective marketing platform for businesses, retailers and service centers.

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