Multiling Keyboard New Apk App Download

It is an advance era and technology makes everything easier. There are keyboards that make the work easier than ever. You can type from keyboard in any language. It has variety of features and can enjoy this feature by downloading its app. We have searched different keyboard app but we have select one of them. This app is far better than other in features. It is connected with Google and has many feature that other app lack.

You can write by turning on its voice feature what you have said it will come in front of you in written form. This keyboard can translate many languages. It has fast typing as you type the word appear before you and you just have to click on that and it will be complete. It corrects your spelling mistakes. You can search for emojis faster than in other apps. This is very useful. It is G board – Google keyboard. It has many functions that other keyboard lack.

It is like by most of the people because it is connected with Google which is more secure. We need this keyboard because we need this function which this keyboard has. We recommend this app for you people because it will help you a lot.

  • It is rated as 4.5 stars.
  • It has 10.8 million reviews.
  • It is downloaded by 5 billion.
  • It has many languages which you can select.
  • It has emojis.

It is keyboard that is provided by google which is more secure and downloaded by most of the people because of its privacy policy. It is rated as 4.5 and it has 10.8 million reviews. It is downloaded by 5 billion people. It has everything of which you think. It has emojis and other functions.


The app can be downloaded by play store. Once you install it will automatically appear as your keyboard. It has many functions and you can use all those function and take benefits of it by installing in your mobile.



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