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My Name Ringtone Maker is used as ringtone for your name to create ringtone for your name.
Leave annoying and just plain ringtones and create ringtones using any name. My Name Ringtone Maker is the best audio track that looks like your favorite ringtone, not just your name. You can create ringtones for any name and anyone who uses this name ringtone maker app.

No need to surf the web on the internet to create tongo now, you can use my name generator ringtone to create latest and most innovative custom ringtones. Create a bell with your own text or you can choose from default text. You can choose the prefix and send the fax to your liking. After selecting this expression, you can play around to hear it, so you can modify or change it. For example, you could say, “Honey, call for you,” “Please pick up the phone,” “Body rings,” and much more.

Provides background music made with my name ringtones music. So, you can send this ringtone to Telecom. After creating the ringtone, you can adjust the speaker frequency to see how you want to hear the ring names. With My Name Ringtone Builder, you can recognize caller name, My Name Ringtone Builder will allow you to notify caller name when you are busy and unable to call. You can create new colors and set them for instant calling or set them as the default ringtone.

There is an audio option to change the voice from male to female or from female to male. You can also create a language for text ringtone as there are different languages ​​to organize it. Create colors for individual relationships and customize them for relationships. Connect to Tong app and share ringtones with one or more friends or family

Application B features:
Create your own name tone
– Option to choose prefix and send fax
– background music
– Choose audio options for men – for women
– Maintaining the volume
You can allow the speaker to repeat the number to say your name
– Choose different languages ​​for the voice
Listen after creating a tone
– Save the application
– Show all created and saved ringtones in the application
– share with your friends

Create tons of free ringtones with different Angton groups
Surprise everyone and enjoy your creative and awesome signs

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