Navbar slideshow free – navbar customize android Apk

The Smart Navigation Bar app in the Play Store The Android Navigation Bar creates an amazing navigation bar with newbar slides, simple animations and a power bar for the android navar.

The navigation bar apps are styled with the navigation bar buttons for quick navigation with navigation gestures.

There are many Nobar apps in the Bridge Store for navigation bar customization options, but the Smart Navigation Bar allows you to display navigation bar slides from your personal photos with the best animations and you can add notes and text Add with ice cream.

Navbar slideshow free – navbar customize android Apk

This application does not require root access. Use it with any of your devices!

Note: The app requires an inbuilt navigation bar on the phone to work. Please do not review negatively if your phone does not have an internal navigation bar.

The Smart Navigation Bar also allows you to add a power bar to the navigation bar with battery percentage indicators.

Smart Navigation Bar Features:
navigation Select images from the gallery to display the image sidebar of the navigation bar
notes Use the android navigation bar to quickly access notes and notes
Advanced navigation bar to leave any text in the market with market, good effects and movements
battery Add power line indicator and power cord with power line options
nav Design an android navigation bar with cool motion and photo slides in Nobar


Advanced navigation bar options:

Navigation Bar Slides:
Choose more photos from your selfies and create timeless scenes
cool Scroll full size image in the navigation bar to get better effects

navigation dynamic navigation bar:
cool Select a new anime from the animated animation list
nav The best move for Nobar

Text navigation bar:
Nav Place each text in the navigation bar, size, move, choose color
Text Resize text, define pre-defined effects – text dynamics
inter Add or change texts at intervals or randomly

The power load of a power line in Navarro:
Navigation Add battery percentage in the navigation bar, adjust text size, color and font percentage
power Add a power line and select color, size, thickness, transparency and more.

– Some apps have to customize their navigation bar like Chrome, these apps don’t allow bypass, all other apps are working properly!
– I’m sorry but Hovey isn’t supported because of their EMUI post

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