NBA Ball Stars | Play with your Favorite NBA Stars App Download

NBA Ball Star combines incredible skill and superstar league with fast-paced action and costly puzzle gameplay.

Take charge of an NBA team, build custom squads and boost your roster when you compete in tournaments. Puzzle success strengthens players, increases attack and defense skills, and unlocks signature moves. The NBA Ball Star counts every moment fast, fast and accessible in matches and makes every move count.

NBA Ball Stars | Play with your Favorite NBA Stars App

Collect a huge roster of NBA stars
Ian Giannis Antocampo, James Harden, Steve Carey and many more NBA giants are ready to join your team!
Build attack / defense skill level
Spock does the signature steps

Develop and manage your favorite team
Standard player’s strategy lineup based on the player’s skill sets
Use the formation system to keep the best team on the field

Challenging and rewarding game prizes
Improve the player’s attack / defense skills by successfully defeating Ge Ratna
Improve player skills by successful puzzles, quick breaks, heists, and much more.
Create impressive painting cleaning effects for home success

Competitive and social
Real main player challenges
He won a rare award
Climb the ladder and get the trophy



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