Net Blocker – Block internet per app

NetBlocker allows you to block applications from accessing the Internet without the need for root.

Please read the following descriptions carefully before using them.

Did you know that there are apps and games available:
Access to the Internet only shows ads or steals your personal information
You continue to have Internet access to background services, even when you log out.
Therefore, to help, you should consider preventing requests from accessing the Internet:
Reduces your data usage
Privacy increases privacy
Save the battery

Safe and easy to use
No root required
Dangerous No dangerous permission
Best Android Support Android 5.1

Please note:
Root This application simply creates a local VPN interface to direct network traffic to applications without root. And it doesn’t want dangerous permissions like location, contacts, SMS, storage, etc … so you can be sure it doesn’t connect to the remote server to steal your privacy. Feel safe to use!

• Since this application is based on Android OS VPN configuration, if you open it, you will not use another VPN application at the same time and it may drain the battery.

Some IM applications (instant messaging applications, such as Skype) may use Google Play services to receive incoming messages if the application has no network. So, you may need to block “Google Play Services” to block incoming messages for IM applications.

Android Android OS Battery Desirable B feature can automatically shut down VPN applications in sleep mode to save battery. So to continue this you need to add the Net Blocker app to your battery wish list.

This application cannot block dual Messenger applications, as Double Messenger only supports Samsung devices b and full VPN.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me

Why can’t I click “OK” in the dialog box?
This problem may be due to the use of an application that may be extended to other applications such as blue light filter. This program can expand the VPN dialog, so you can’t “fine”. This is an Android OS error that needs to be fixed by Google by updating the OS. Therefore, if your device has not yet been repaired, you may close your light filter applications and try again.




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